Creating the private interface of the SNS instance

Here, a second network interface (located in the private network) is created for the SNS instance in the VPC.

This interface will be associated with the protected interface (in interface) of the firewall.

Creating the private flexible network interface

In the COCKPIT 3DS OUTSCALE console, under the Network/Security menu:

  1. Select Flexible network interfaces.
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Name the interface (e.g., Documentation-Private-Interface ).
    You can add a Description (optional).
  4. Select the private sub-network of your VPC (Documentation-VPC-Private in the example).
  5. Enter an IP address for this private interface (e.g., This address must belong to the private sub-network selected in step 5.
  6. Select the security group for traffic between protected hosts (Documentation-Pass-All in the example).
  7. Click on Create.

Attaching this interface to the SNS EVA instance

In the list of interfaces:

  1. Select the interface created earlier (Documentation-Private-Interface in the example)
  2. Click on Attach.
  3. Select the EVA instance (Documentation-SNS-EVA in the example).
  4. For the device: select the value 1 (the external interface of the SNS firewall created by default with the instance that has 0 as its index).

Restarting the firewall

The SNS EVA firewall must be restarted to apply the new private interface:

  1. In the Compute menu, click on Instances.
  2. Select the instance to restart (Documentation-SNS-EVA in the example).
  3. Click on Restart.
  4. Confirm.