Enabling the SNS EVA firewall

The default serial number of EVA firewalls is VMSNSX00Z0000A0.

When the firewall is enabled, the virtual firewall can be assigned a model, its permanent serial number, its license as well as the subscribed options.

Downloading the initialization kit

  1. Log in to your private-access area on Mystormshield.
  2. Go to Products > Product management.
  3. Select the model and serial number of your firewall from the list of registered firewalls.
  4. In the Downloads window, indicate the version of the activation kit that you wish to install.
  5. Click on the Download the activation kit link.
  6. Save this file on your workstation.

Changing the admin account password

  1. Log in to the web administration interface of the firewall: https://firewall_public_ip_address/admin.
  2. Enter the user name of the admin account and its password (instance ID).
  3. Go to the Configuration tab in System > Administrators > Admin account tab.
  4. Enter the Old password (instance ID).
  5. Enter the new password in the New password and Confirm password fields.
  6. Click on Apply, then on Save to confirm the changes.

Installing the initializing kit on the firewall

  1. Go to the Configuration tab in System > Maintenance > System update tab.
  2. Click on the selector to the right of the Select the update field and select the activation kit that was downloaded earlier (*.maj file).
  3. Click on Update firmware.
    The firewall will restart during the installation of the initialization kit
    This operation may take several minutes.