Applying the security policy to hosts on the domain

  1. Click on the Environment menu. In the Microsoft Active Directory tree, select the hosts or OU (Organizational Unit) containing the hosts to which the policy must be applied. In the example, this would be the OU "SESComputers".
  2. In the Scripts panel (Policies linked tab),select the script HostReputationOK (Policy name drop-down list) and assign the condition "(true)" to it:

  3. As the script HostReputationOK calls up HostBadReputation and HostBadReputationPolicy, they are implicitly linked and do not need to be declared.
  4. Click on Apply changes to the environment. This action must be performed each time you edit the security policy.
  5. The agents installed on hosts that belong to the OU "SESComputers" can then automatically retrieve this new policy from their server.