Creating a script resource based on the script that generates ICMP requests

  1. In the Environment Manager > Policies menu, right-click on the Script resources folder and then on the button in the window.
  2. Name this test (HostCheckResource in the example) and confirm.

Adapting the "IF AND" condition

  1. Right-click on the IF AND condition and select Add built-in test then Run process.

  2. In the properties, click on the Name field and type the command:

Cscript.exe /E:Vbscript "C:\Program Files (x86)\Stormshield Endpoint Security Agent\uploaded\CheckHost.vbs.srn"


SES adds the .srn extension during the deployment of the script to SES agents.


  1. Wait for execution field: select Synchronous. The Synchronous value means that the SES agent will wait for the script to finish running before letting any other action take place. The Asynchronous value, on the other hand, indicates that the SES agent can activate another pre-defined action without waiting for the script to return a value.
  2. Confirm the creation of the test by clicking on the icon in the window.