Configuring the Sponsorship method

In this mode, shared Internet access can be granted to service providers visiting the organization's premises. During his initial connection to the Internet, the user will be redirected to the captive portal on which he can submit his request for sponsorship by indicating his first and last names and the email address of an internal sponsor. If this internal sponsor is authorized and has been explicitly declared on the firewall as being allowed to sponsor users, he will then confirm the request, immediately granting the requester access to web resources.

He will then be shown the conditions of use for Internet access, which he must accept in order to access the requested website. Next, depending on the URL filter policy implemented, the user will then be able to access web resources. Conditions of use will regularly reappear; the frequency of their display can be configured. Guest users' connections are valid for 4 hours. After this period is up, the Conditions of use for Internet access will automatically be displayed.