Customizing captive portal profiles for the Guest method

In the Captive portal profiles tab in the Configuration > Users > Authentication module, select the "Guest" profile.

This profile will automatically implement the parameters needed for this method to run:



  • Default method or directory: "Guests (guest_users.local.domain)".

Conditions of use for Internet access

  • Enable the display of the conditions of use for Internet access The frequency with which these conditions are displayed has been set to 18 hours.

The text contained in the conditions of use can be customized in the Captive portal tab.


Customized fields on the captive portal

  • Field no. 1: E-mail address
  • Field no. 2: Empty
  • Field no. 3: Empty


These fields are optional and do not necessarily need to be filled out to accept the conditions of use.


Advanced properties

  • Enable the captive portal.
  • Expiry of the HTTP cookie: "At the end of the authentication period".

If any of these parameters have been modified (e.g.: customized fields on the captive portal), click on Apply to save the configuration.