Configuring the Guest method (declaratory mode)

Basically, this mode consists of identification without authentication. During the user's initial connection to the Internet, he will be redirected to the captive portal. He will then be shown the conditions of use for Internet access, which he must accept in order to access the requested website. Next, depending on the URL filter policy implemented, the user will then be able to access web resources. Conditions of use will regularly reappear; the frequency of their display can be configured. Guest users' connections are valid for 4 hours.

Up to three complementary fields can be added (e.g., first name, last name, email address, etc.) for the guest user to fill in before accepting the conditions of use. This additional information will be reflected in the firewall's log files. Several authentication profiles can also be defined for the captive portal. For every profile that can be associated with one or several network interfaces on the firewall, several Internet access authorizations can be configured using Guest mode with different parameters (complementary fields) that depend on the interface from which the user connects.