Accessing full logs

For certain maintenance or troubleshooting operations, you may require full access to logs as well as all reports and monitoring screens that contain private data.

  1. Request a ticket from the firewall supervisor to obtain full access to logs. The supervisor will then send you a 16-digit code that enables access to private data.
  2. Log on to the web administration interface to view these logs. As implied by the link Logs: limited access in the upper banner of the window, private data is hidden.
  1. Click on Logs: limited access in the banner.
  2. In the window that appears, enter your code for access to private data.

  3. Click on Obtain.
    You will now be able to view private data in all modules, as shown by the link Logs: full access in the upper banner.

If you wish to view reports and monitoring screens containing private data, you may also enter your code when you access these screens.