Appears in 1 0 0
RegisterDNS and BlockOutDNS appear in 3 0 0
udppool appears in 3 2 0
udpBindAddr appears in 3 4 0
Compress and StrictCert appear in 3 8 0
PingExit appears in 4.7.0


Update OpenVPN configuration (in clone file) for openvpn server


[state=0|1] : openvpn server state
[pool=<network_object>] : IP tcp pool allocated to openvpn clients
[udppool=<network_object>] : IP udp pool allocated to openvpn clients
[udpport=<port>] : public listening udp port for the service
[route=<any|host|network|group_object>] : Networks pushed on openvpn clients
[timeout=<seconds>] : period of data channel renegociation
[serverCertificate=<cert_name>] : certificate of server
[clientCertificate=<cert_name>] : certificate of client
[cipher=<algo>] : specify algorithm to encrypt packets
[tlsCipher=<algo>] : specify algorithm to encrypt packets for tls
[authAlgo=<algo>] : specify algorithm for message digest
[persistIp=0|1] : client IP address persistency
[serverPublicAddr=<ip> or <hostname>] : public address to contact openvpn server
[port=<port>] : public listening port for the service
[primaryDns=<host_object>] : pushed primary dns on openvpn client
[secondaryDns=<host_object>] : pushed secondary dns on openvpn client
[domainName=<domain name>] : pushed domain name on openvpn client
[ping=<ping timer>] : Interval in seconds between 2 ping requests (max 3599)
[pingrestart=<no response timer>] : Timeout in seconds after which the connection will be restarted if no ping response was received (max 3600)
[RegisterDNS=<on|off>] : On connection initiation, run Windows commands that will force to recognize pushed DNS servers
[BlockOutDNS=<on|off>] : Block DNS servers on other network adapters to prevent DNS leaks
[udpBindAddr=(<firewall_ip_object>|"")] : Firewall local IP used to bind the OpenVPN UDP server
[Compress=0|1] : enable/disable LZ4 compression
[StrictCert=0|1] : enable/disable strict server certificate check (type server and name)
[HandWindow=[n]] : configure Handshake Window -- the TLS-based key exchange must finalize within n seconds of handshake initiation by any peer
[Inactive=<seconds>] : umber of seconds without trafic to wait before closing the tunnel (0 to disable; 3600 max)
[PingExit=<seconds>] : Number of seconds without trafic and ping to wait before closing the tunnel (0 to disable; 3600 max)


Error code