Manages the URL classification daemon


urlctl [-v] [-o] [-q] [-b] [-B] [-r <reload arg>] [-R <reason>] [-s <slotid>] [-u <URL>] [-U <arg>] [-c <CN>] [-C <arg>] [-d] [-g <arg>]
-v Enable verbosity
-o Specify the output format, arg may be "text|html|xml|json[,pretty]" (default is "text,pretty")
-q Do not print the results to standard output
-b Bypass CloudURL categorization (oem category will be 'Private IP Adresses')
-B Execute in background (will not print the results)
-r Make urld reload partially or totally its configuration. arg may be "all", "engine", "filter", "verbose"
-R Text to explain why the reload was requested
-s Classify only for the categories defined in the provided slot
-u Classify the given url
-U Classify all the URLs found in the file name given in arg
-c Classify the given CN
-C Classify all the CNs found in the file name given in arg
-d Display the current loaded configuration of urld
-g Display classification groups. arg can be "all", "url", "cn"


A command is sent to urld. Execution will wait until a response is received from urld unless background exection is requested