Squid tool for performing web requests.


squidclient [-arsv] [-i IMS] [-h remote host] [-l local host] [-p port] [-m method] [-t count] [-I ping-interval] [-H 'strings'] [-T timeout] [-j 'hostheader'] url
-P file : PUT request.
-a : Do NOT include Accept: header.
-r : Force cache to reload URL.
-s : Silent. Do not print data to stdout.
-v : Verbose. Print outgoing message to stderr.
-i IMS : If-Modified-Since time (in Epoch seconds).
-h host : Retrieve URL from cache on hostname. Default is localhost.
-l host : Specify a local IP address to bind to. Default is none.
-j hosthdr : Host header content
-p port : Port number of cache. Default is 3128.
-m method : Request method, default is GET.
-t count : Trace count cache-hops
-g count : Ping mode, "count" iterations (0 to loop until interrupted).
-I interval : Ping interval in seconds (default 1 second).
-H 'string' : Extra headers to send. Use '\n' for new lines.
-T timeout : Timeout value (seconds) for read/write operations.
-u user : Proxy authentication username
-w password : Proxy authentication password
-U user : WWW authentication username
-W password : WWW authentication password
-V version : HTTP Version