Daemon snmp.


snmpd [


] [LISTENING ADDRESSES] -a : log addresses -A : append to the logfile rather than truncating it -c FILE[,...] : read FILE(s) as configuration file(s) -C : do not read the default configuration files (config search path: /usr/local/etc/snmp:/usr/local/share/snmp:/usr/local/lib/snmp:/usr/Firewall/.snmp) -d : dump sent and received SNMP packets -D[TOKEN[,...]] : turn on debugging output for the given TOKEN(s) (try ALL for extremely verbose output). Don't put space(s) between -D and TOKEN(s). -f : do not fork from the shell -g GID : change to this numeric gid after opening transport endpoints
-h, --help : display this usage message -H : display configuration file directives understood -I [-]INITLIST : list of mib modules to initialize (or not) (run snmpd with -Dmib_init for a list) -L <LOGOPTS> : toggle options controlling where to log to e: log to standard error o: log to standard output n: don't log at all f file: log to the specified file s facility: log to syslog (via the specified facility) (variants) [EON] pri: log to standard error, output or /dev/null for level 'pri' and above [EON] p1-p2: log to standard error, output or /dev/null for levels 'p1' to 'p2' [FS] pri token: log to file/syslog for level 'pri' and above [FS] p1-p2 token: log to file/syslog for levels 'p1' to 'p2' -m MIBLIST : use MIBLIST instead of the default MIB list -M DIRLIST : use DIRLIST as the list of locations to look for MIBs (default no) -p FILE : store process id in FILE -q : print information in a more parsable format -r : do not exit if files only accessible to root cannot be opened -u UID : change to this uid (numeric or textual) after opening transport endpoints
-v, --version : display version information -V : verbose display -x ADDRESS : use ADDRESS as AgentX address -X : run as an AgentX subagent rather than as an SNMP master agent Deprecated options: -l FILE : use -Lf <FILE> instead -P : use -p instead -s : use -Lsd instead -S d|i|0-7 : use -Ls <facility> instead