Control and Monitor Utility for SMART Disks.


Usage: smartctl [options] device
-h --help : Display this help and exit
-V --version : Print license, copyright, and version information and exit
-i --info : Show identity information for device
--identify : Show words and bits from IDENTIFY DEVICE data                (ATA)
-g --get : NAME Get device setting: all, aam, apm, lookahead, security, wcache, rcache, wcreorder
-a --all : Show all SMART information for device
-x --xall : Show all information for device
--scan : Scan for devices
--scan-open : Scan for devices and try to open each device
-q --quietmode <TYPE> : Set smartctl quiet mode to one of: errorsonly, silent, noserial
-d --device <TYPE> : Specify device type to one of: ata, scsi, sat[,auto][,N][+TYPE], usbcypress[,X], usbjmicron[,p][,x][,N], usbsunplus, 3ware,N, hpt,L/M/N, cciss,N, areca,N/E, atacam, auto, test
-T --tolerance <TYPE> : Tolerance: normal, conservative, permissive, verypermissive
-b --badsum <TYPE> : Set action on bad checksum to one of: warn, exit, ignore
-r --report <TYPE> : Report transactions (see man page)
-n --nocheck <MODE> : No check if: never, sleep, standby, idle (see man page)
-s --smart <VALUE> : Enable/disable SMART on device (on/off)
-o --offlineauto <VALUE> : Enable/disable automatic offline testing on device (on/off)
-S --saveauto <VALUE> : Enable/disable Attribute autosave on device (on/off)
-s --set <NAME[,VALUE]> : Enable/disable/change device setting: aam,[N|off], apm,[N|off], lookahead,[on|off], security-freeze, standby,[N|off|now], wcache,[on|off], rcache,[on|off], wcreorder,[on|off]
-H --health : Show device SMART health status
-c --capabilities : Show device SMART capabilities
-A --attributes : Show device SMART vendor-specific Attributes and values
-f --format <FORMAT> : Set output format for attributes: old, brief, hex[,id|val]
-l --log <TYPE> : Show device log. TYPE: error, selftest, selective, directory[,g|s], xerror[,N][,error], xselftest[,N][,selftest], background, sasphy[,reset], sataphy[,reset], scttemp[sts,hist], scttempint,N[,p], scterc[,N,M], devstat[,N], ssd, gplog,N[,RANGE], smartlog,N[,RANGE]
-v --vendorattribute <N,OPTION> : Set display OPTION for vendor Attribute N (see man page)
-F --firmwarebug <TYPE> : Use firmware bug workaround: none, nologdir, samsung, samsung2, samsung3, xerrorlba, swapid
-P --presets <TYPE> : Drive-specific presets: use, ignore, show, showall
-B --drivedb <[+]FILE> : Read and replace [add] drive database from FILE and then    /usr/local/share/smartmontools/drivedb.h]
-t --test <TEST> : Run test. TEST: offline, short, long, conveyance, force, vendor,N, select,M-N, pending,N, afterselect,[on|off]
-C --captive : Do test in captive mode (along with -t)
-X --abort : Abort any non-captive test on device



smartctl -a /dev/ad0
(Prints all SMART information)
smartctl --smart=on --offlineauto=on --saveauto=on
Enables SMART on first disk)
smartctl -t long /dev/ad0
(Executes extended disk self-test)
smartctl --attributes --log=selftest --quietmode=errorsonly
(Prints Self-Test & Attribute errors)
smartctl -a --device=3ware,2 /dev/twa0
smartctl -a --device=3ware,2 /dev/twe0
(Prints all SMART information for ATA disk on third port of first 3ware RAID controller)
smartctl -a --device=cciss,0 /dev/ciss0
(Prints all SMART information for first disk on Common Interface for SCSI-3 Support driver)