Tests, benchmarks and dumps objects configurations.


objecttest [-i <num>] [-ng] [-d <all | host | net | router | group | expanded_group | proto | service | interface>] | [-p <refresh | gethost | getnet | getrouter | findgroup>] [-u host | net | router | group|service|servicegroup|proto|user|qid]
Remark :default action is equivalent to "objecttest -d all"
-h : print this usage message and exits
-v : more verbose
-ng : don't print generated host or network
-nc : don't print configuration
-d : dump object structures or list configurations.
-c : configuration directory (requires a libnbase in debug mode).
-p : execute benchmark
-u : usage. Check if object is in use somewhere in the configuration
-t : inventory. list all objects used in the configuration. At least one object refresh is done per action
-i : number of iteration for performing action or dumping