This command is used to have access to the serverd commands. The -f option is used to force the "admin" connection. The -r option is used to specify the access rights of the user. The list of access rights is written as a string with each right separated by a comma. The rights that can be specified are the following : modify, base, other, log, filter, vpn, url, pki, object, user, admin. Encoding depend on the locale LC_ALL


nsrpc [-a|-d|-f] [-C connection timeout] [-R reading timeout] [(-4|-6)] [-c command file] [-l log file] [-r rights] user[:password]@server[:port]
nsrpc [-d|-f] [-C connection timeout] [-R reading timeout] [(-4|-6)] -t targets file -c command file [-l log file] [-r rights]
-a: automatically connect with default password
-c: set file with firewall commands
-C: set connection timeout (min: 5 ; max: 600 ; default: 600)
-d: activate debug
-f: force login
-l: set file to output commands and firewall results
-r: set rights
-R: set reading timeout (min: 5 ; max: 600 ; default: 600)
-t: set file with target firewalls ("IP[;port];login;password" on each line)
-h: this usage
-4: connect using IPv4 (default)
-6: connect using IPv6
WARNING : stormshield_network.ca file must be in the same path as nsrpc



U2504C099999999999>nsrpc admin@
Welcome to Cipher/SRP client
Enter password:
Connecting to
Using SRP authentication only.