Display information logs and reports.


logctl [-c [-ri]] [-h] [-t <log_id>] [-T <log_id>] [-p <log_id>] [-q] [-v]
-h: this help.
-c [-ri]: print information about SHM and failure counters.
-r: reset information after printing them
-i: print information on one line
-t <log_id>: Test reports regex. Read fake log lines from stdin
-T <log_id>: Send log lines to Logd. Read log lines from stdin
-p <log_id>: Write log disk properties on stdout
+ Valid values for log_id are:
l_alarm, l_connection, l_filter, l_web, l_smtp, l_date, l_ftp,
l_system, l_plugin, l_vpn, l_auth, l_server, l_pop3, l_xvpn,
l_monitor, l_pvm, l_count, l_filterstat, l_ssl
-o <report> <period> : Get the requested report.
Unable to load reports configuration: Nothing to do (State=0?)
+ Possible periods are:
lasthour, day-0, day-1, day-2, day-3, day-4, day-5, day-6, day-7, last7days, last30days, all
-q: Quiet, don't insert info in log files
-v: Verbose (-vv enables debug)