Firewall tester Test hardware and various functions of the product. Used in production, between master and initialisation. fwtest tests a couple of firewall (2 modes), it test : network, cpu, ram, ... fwtest rounds a set of primary tests during by default 48 hours;


fwtest [mode [-hvnbfd] [-l time] [-c count] [-p pktloss] [-i nb_if,duration[,nb_if,duration...]]]

With no parameters, run in user friendly mode

Parameters description (advanced mode) :
mode: 1 or 2 (mandatory in advanced mode)
-v: be verbose
-l: test duration in hours (default: 24)
-c: number of rounds before stop (default: infinite)
-s: synchro timeout in seconds (default: 1200)
-n: test network only (skip hd, led, sound, button and stress tests)
-b: disable harddrive test result analyse
-p: max packetloss for ping test (default: 0.001)
-f: force interface media of one of firewall (mode 1)
-d: disable daemons crash test
-i: custom netperf test.
	Syntax : nb_if,duration,nb_if,duration,...
	Each couple (nb_if, duration) corresponds to a netperf test
	nb_if is the number of interfaces tested at the same time.
	duration is the duration of each test in seconds (default: 1,600)
-h: display this help