Compiles the signatures files of the ASQ.


enpattern [options]


-h : print this help message. -r : generate resource language file and ASQ template. -c <context> : process only the specified context. -a : same as -r + compile context. -p : generate dynamic plugin configuration based on plugin.def. -l : list all available ASQ pattern contexts. -n : display the version of the downloaded files and the version of generated .match separated by a dot (<download version>.<.match version>). -d <dir> : use <dir> as a base directory to search for templates/generate binary match files. -f : force mode. -v : verbose mode. -t <filename> : test Patterns input file, results will be produced into "/usr/Firewall/Data/CustomPatterns/Download/" directory. -z : generate an active-update archive for Custom Patterns. -x : disable SSE optimizations. -u <filename> : generate the match file corresponding to the pattern file given. It will be used with userreqd. Resulting .match file will be produced in the same location as the given pattern file directory. -m <max_nb_patterns> : define the maximum number of pattern sections allowed.