Activates/deactivates the hardware bypass or get its configuration


enbypass [-r][-i][-v][-h]
-r  : rearm Run-time Bypass watchdog
-i  : return Bypass status (from Bypass hardware registers)
-v  : set verbose level to info
-h  : print this help message
without option, activate/deactivate Bypass according to configuration file.


SNI40A18A1607A5>enbypass -i
FW major version: 1
FW minor version: 6
Module capability:
System-Off bypass supported
Just-On bypass supported
Run-Time bypass supported
Run-Time Watchdog1 timer supported
Run-Time watchdog1 timer capability: 1~255 seconds
System-Off Bypass setting: Enable
Just-On Bypass setting: Enable
Run-Time Bypass setting: Disable
Run-Time watchdog1 timer status: Timer Running
Run-Time watchdog1 pair setting:
bypass will Enable while timeout
Run-Time watchdog1 timer count: 60 seconds
I2C Address: 55