Check the validity of CRL. Return minor or major alarm (via alarmd) if CRL has expired or will expire in 3 days or less


checkcrl [-h] [-?] [-d] [-i] [-v] [-s] [-w <days>] [-t <timeout>] [-g <authority name> -p <password>] [-b <bindaddr>] [-f <minutes>] [-c <scope>]
-d toggle debug mode
-i show information of the currently running checkcrl
-s do not use dns name resolution
-w [1-30] number of days to warn the expiration. default : 3
-t [0-3600] second before timeout, 0 is for unlimited. default : 300
-g <authority name> Disable check and generate the CRL for the given authority
-p <password> Give the passphrase of the authority in CRL generation mode
-f <minutes> number of minutes before the expiration of the current CRL to fetch a new CRL
-c <scope> Allow to specify the scope of the CRLs we want to check. Can be 'local' (default) or 'global'
-b <bindaddr> Set the bind address for CRL download
-h -? this help
-v version
During the run can use [CTRL]-t to show current taskset