Perform the SCEP operation for certificate enrolment.


certenrol -o <"viewca"|"addca"|"getcert"|"checkcert"|"compca"|"cleanup"> [-p <profile>] [-u <URL>] [-m <POST|GET>] [-t <transcation ID>] [-r <retry_count>] [-f <CA's fingerprint>] [-s <"none"|"ondisk"]
-o - Operation
	"viewca" view the root CA\'s fingerprint
	"addca" install the CA\'s from the SCEP server if it match the given fingerprint
	"compca" compare the CA\'s fingerprint with the given one
	"getcert" query for a certificate [renewal]
	"checkcert" check for a previously pending certificate request
	"cleanup" purge transaction IDs of previously accepted/rejected requests
-p - Profile: The profile to use for this QUERY
-u - Server URL: SCEP server entry point
-m - Mode: HTTP Request mode (GET|POST)
-t - The transaction ID from a previous pending certificate request
-r - Number of attempt(s) left for a pending query
-f - Fingerprint: The fingerprint to compare ("compca").
-s - Seal TPM: ("none"|"ondisk").