Manages antivirus daemon.


avctl [-v] [-o] [-q] [-B] [-r <reload flags>] [-R <reason>] [-s <filepath>] [-b] [--sbx-profile-file <profile>] [--sbx-ctx-file <context>] [-d] [-i] [-l]
-v Enable verbosity
-o Specify the output format, arg may be "text|html|xml|json[,pretty]" (default is "text,pretty")
-q Do not print the results to standard output
-B Execute in background (will not print the results)
-r Make avd reload partially or totaly its configuration. flags may be "all", "verbose", "kav_engine", "kav_settings", "sbx_settings"
-R Text to explain why the reload was made
-s Scan the given file
-b Perform a sandboxing analysis (applies only when action is scan-file)
--sbx-profile-file File containing sandboxing profile
--sbx-ctx-file File containing the sanboxing context parameters
-d Dump avd current configuration
-i Dump information about currently loaded database
-l Dump information about currently loaded license.


A command is sent to avd. Execution will hold until a response is recieved from avd, unless a background exection is asked.