Regardless of the method chosen (cloud backup or custom server), the firewall’s configuration is backed up locally whenever an automatic backup is launched. The backup file, named backup.na.enc, is stored in the firewall’s /data/Autobackup/ directory.

Storing backups in the Mystormshield.eu client area

When the cloud backup option is selected, backups are sent directly to your secure area (https://mystormshield.eu). The last 5 backups (daily, weekly or monthly) of your appliance will be stored and accessible in the same way.

Storing backups on a custom server

If you choose to store backups on a custom server, you can use the HTTP WebDAV extension (RFC 4918) to send files. You will need the following:


Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server,

  • Windows Server 2008 or higher,
  • WebDAV,
  • SSL,
  • Digest or Basic authentication methods.


Apache server

  • Operating system that supports Apache (Linux, FreBSD, etc.),
  • Apache modules: WebDAV (dav and dav_fs), SSL, Digest (auth_digest) or Basic (auth_basic) authentication.

If your configuration includes a proxy, even if the custom backup server is directly connected to the firewall, traffic will pass through the proxy (configured in System >  Configuration > Network configuration > Proxy server).
Ensure that the proxy is configured so that it can send backup traffic to the custom server.