Regardless of the chosen method (Cloud backup or customized server), a local backup of the firewall’s configuration will be made during any automatic backup operation. This file, named “backup.na.enc”, is stored in the folder /data/Autobackup/ on the Firewall.

Storing in the Mystormshield.eu client area

When the Cloud backup option is selected, backups will be sent directly to your secure-access area (https://mystormshield.eu). The 5 most recent backups (daily, weekly or monthly) of your appliance are stored and accessible in this way.

Storing on a customized server

If you choose to store backups on a customized server, you can use the HTTP WebDAV extension (RFC 4918) to send your files. You will then need the following elements:


Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server

• Windows 2008 Server or higher,

• WebDAV,

• SSL,

• Digest or Basic authentication methods.


Apache server

• Operating system supporting Apache (Linux, FreeBSD, etc),

• Apache modules: WebDAV (dav and dav_fs), SSL, Digest (auth_digest) or Basic (auth_basic) authentication.