guest authentication appears in 1.0.0
realbind disappears in 3.0.0


Show authentication config


anonymised : show/don't show the logo in authentication page
SslCertificate : refer key/certificate entry on 'key' file
internal : internal interfaces configuration
external : external interfaces configuration


state : status of this method
host : radius server hostname
port : radius port
pencoding : radius server charset encoding
bhost : radius backup server hostname
bport : radius backup port
bencoding : radius backup server charset encoding

state : status of this method
CertificateIdentifier : field in certificate to match
LdapIdentifier : field in LDAP to match

state : status of this method
domain : Kerberos realm (domain) name
pkdc_host : Primary KDC host adress
pkdc_port : Primary KDC port (default 88)
bkdc_host : Backup KDC host adress
bkdc_port : Backup KDC port (default 88)

state : status of this method
domain : Windows domain name
principal : Service Principal name

State : activate or not the agent
Mscontroler : object name of the Microsoft domain controler
MsbackupControler : object name of the second Microsoft domain controler
Directory : name of the ldap directory to use
MaxLogonTime : maximum time in second of the authentication
Probe : activate or not the user logout probing
ProbeMethod : comma separated list of probing methods (arp, icmp, nbstat, registery, ...)
ProbeTimeout : maximum time in second for no responding stations
BindAddr : the ip of the source connection
BindPort : the port of the source connection
AgentAddr : the agent ip address
AgentPort : the port of the agent
BackupAddr : the ip of the backup agent
BackupPort : the port of the backup agent
DomainName : the filter to be applied on logon event

state : activate or not the guest method
LogonTime : Time in seconds for re-authentication
Disclaimertime : Time in seconds for disclaimer revalidation


radius preshared key is not displayed
agents password is not displayed