If you have installed the Stormshield Management Center centralized administration server, this panel will allow you to install the attachment package in order to connect your firewall to the SMC server.


If you have logged on via the web administration interface to a firewall attached to an SMC server, "Managed by SMC" will be displayed in the upper panel. By default, the account used only has read-only access privileges.

You are strongly advised against directly modifying the configuration of a firewall administered by an SMC server, except in an emergency (SMC server uncontactable, for example).

This is because any changes made directly to the configuration via the web administration interface on a firewall attached to an SMC server may be overwritten when a new configuration is sent from the SMC server.

Attaching the firewall to SMC

Select the attachment package. Choose the SMC attachment package from the centralized administration server.


Install the package: When an attachment package has been selected, this button will download and install it on the firewall.

Once the package has been installed, information regarding the attachment to the server will then be displayed (IPv4/IPv6 address of the server, connection validity, verification frequency for this connection, timeout before the server's response, timeout before reconnection).


For more information on Stormshield Management Center centralized administration, please refer to the Stormshield Management Center administration guide.