“Administrator account” tab

This screen allows the definition of authentication data for the administrator account.

To find out which characters are allowed or prohibited in various fields, please refer to the section Allowed names.


The default password of the “admin” user (super administrator) must be changed the very first time the product is used.


To define an ASCII pre-shared key that is sufficiently secure, it is absolutely necessary to follow the same rules for user passwords set out in the section Welcome, under the section User awareness, sub-section User password management.



Defines the password for the admin account.


Must not contain the character ''.

Confirm passphrase

Confirms the password of the admin account which you have just entered in the previous field.

Mandatory password strength

This field indicates your password’s level of security: “Very Weak”, “Weak”, “Medium”, “Good” or “Excellent”.

You are strongly advised to use uppercase letters and special characters.


Stormshield Network uses asymmetrical encryption, meaning that it uses a key pair consisting of a public key, used for encrypting data, and a private key, used for decryption. The advantage of using this system is that it removes the problem of securely transmitting the key and allows electronic signatures.


Export private key

By clicking on this button, you will save the private key associated with the admin account on your workstation.

Export firewall’s public key

By clicking on this button, you will save the public key associated with the firewall on your workstation.