On this product, data is stored on 2 SSDs, accessible from the rear panel.

Each SSD can be easily extracted: to unlock its tray, press on the lever while pushing it laterally towards the right.

Other data is stored on an internal SSD.



  • Using the Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws from the cover of the chassis (on the rear of the product, 2 lateral countersunk screws, and 2 pan head machine screws on the rear panel of the product),

  • Open up the appliance by pushing the cover towards the back. This operation will tear the warranty sticker,


  • Locate the SSD, remove the line of glue from the power and data connectors on the SSD, unplug these connectors,

  • The SSD is mounted on a metal plate, fastened by 4 countersunk screws. Remove these 4 screws,
  • Lightly lift the back of the metal plate, and pressing against the front part of the SSD, extract the whole setup by pushing towards the back of the chassis.


  • Extract the SSD by removing the 4 countersunk screws under the SSD.



  • Place the metal plate back into its notches, push it towards the front of the chassis then fasten it using the 4 screws.
  • Check that SSD 4 fastening screws have remained outside the chassis. Place the cover back on, slide it forward and close it up using the 4 screws.