Viewing events

Stormshield Network Real Time Monitor

To view active SSL VPN tunnels, click on the SSL VPN tunnels tab in the module VPN Tunnels:

Description : C:\Users\frederic.monjean\MyCloud\Modifications\TNO\VPN SSL Full\Images-EN\tunnel-monté-NEW-EN.png


The Events module allows viewing actions such as authentications and tunnel creations/deletions thanks to the filter on the keyword SSL VPN (Filters drop-down menu):

Description : C:\Documentations\Modifications\TNO\VPN SSL Full\Images-EN\RTM-evenements-filter.png


The Services module shows the status of the Firewall’s services (values: enabled or disabled), including the status of the OpenVPN server.

Firewall logs

To access the Firewall’s logs, click on the Audit logs menu.


  • The VPN view (Logs > Views > VPN) shows information relating to the various types of VPN tunnels (SSL, IPSec).
  • The SSL VPN log (Logs > Logs > SSL VPN) shows authentication events and the creation/deletion of SSL VPN tunnels.
  • he Authentication log (Logs > Logs > Authentication) also shows events relating to authentications via SSL VPN tunnels by a filter applied to the method with the value “OPENVPN”.

Stormshield Network SSL VPN Client logs

  To access the Stormshield Network SSL VPN Client log file, right-click on the connection icon in the task bar and select Open log.