Deploying your Cloud UTM

  1. Access to the marketplace by clicking on the following link: Stormshield Network Security for Cloud


  1. Once you’ve reached the Product Description page, click on Continue.


  1. If not already done, Sign in using your account.


  1. If you don’t want to deploy the last available version of the Stormshield Network software, select the version you want in the Version section.


  1. The region where you will deploy the EC2 instance running your Cloud UTM might have an impact on several factors, including:
  • AWS charges for this Instance,
  • Network performance,
  • Local legislation
  You must deploy your Cloud UTM in the region where your protected AWS servers and VPC are already deployed. Select the region in the Region section.  
  1. In the EC2 Instance Type section, select the EC2 Instance Type you need (see Choose the EC2 instance Type matching your needs).
  1. Choose your VPC and its public subnet to insert your Cloud UTM into your AWS infrastructure.
  1. In the Security Group section, select the previously created Security Group allowing all inbound and outbound traffic (Allow all in the example).
  1. Select the Key Pair you want to install on your instance.
  1. Check your Monthly estimate. This represents AWS Infrastructure Fees for the EC2 Instance Type and the Region you selected.


EBS Storage is not included in these fees. Stormshield Network Security for Cloud will require 10 GB of EBS storage.


This amount includes AWS fees only. The SN license is not issued by AWS, as the Stormshield Network Security Cloud is provided with a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model. The SN software license must be ordered from your distributor (see Get your Cloud UTM license).

  1. Click on Launch with 1-Click.
  1. Your instance is now ready to be deployed.


  1. In the AWS console, you can now edit the Name of your instance.