SMC 2.2.1 new features

Administration channel

SMC contact IP address

When generating a connecting package for a SN firewall in version 3.3.0 and upwards, it is now possible to enter more than one IP or FQDN address by order of priority, on which the firewall will try to contact SMC.

Certificate authorities

SMC as distribution point for certificate revocation lists (CRL)

The SMC server can now be a CRL distribution point for a certificate authority. The CRL must be manually and regularly imported on the SMC server through the administration or command line interface.

List of CRL distribution points

CRL distribution points are now configured in a new tab in the properties of a certificate authority.

Filter and NAT rules

Rules rank

In the filter and NAT rules panel of folders, the new Rank column indicates the position of a rule in its folder and allows identifying rules. To know the numbers assigned to a firewall’s rules and which are visible in traces, you must look at the Rule column in the firewall’s rules panel.


Readability of SMC server traces

Traces now display as a grid in the lower panel of the SMC interface. It is possible to sort traces by filtering the list and to select the types of traces to look at.