SMC 2.5 bug fixes

Active Directory authentication

Support for all characters

Support reference: 157663CW

All characters are now supported in group names, logins and passwords for the authentication of administrators via Active Directory.

Filter and NAT rules

Support for the "count" field in CSV files

Support reference: 157640CW

When rules are imported via CSV files, rules that are exported with the Count option enabled (in the Advanced properties tab in the a rule's Action menu) can now be imported in SMC.

Managing administration sessions

Support reference: 156666PW

When rules are imported via CSV files, the rule import script fwadmin-import-rules now correctly releases the write privilege.

Length of Source and Destination fields

Support reference: 157640CW

The SMC server would not properly apply Source or Destination fields exceeding 255 characters in a rule with SN firewalls in version 3.4.0 or higher. It is now possible to use up to 500 characters in these fields for these firewalls.

Connecting to a firewall's interface via SMC

Support reference: 155857PW

For models with small storage capacities (SN150) and under certain conditions, users would not be able to log on directly to the firewall's interface via the SMC web interface. This issue has been resolved with version 3.7 of SNS.