SMC 2.4 bug fixes

VPN topologies

VPN peer factoring

Support reference: 154737PW

SN firewalls in version 3.3.0 could deny VPN configurations that had been configured from the SMC server if the same firewall had been used in several topologies. Such cases are now managed correctly, on the condition that the encryption algorithms are the same in the various topologies.

Configuration of SN firewalls

Behavior of the SMC server during errors when reading/writing the main configuration file

Support reference: 155470PW

Whenever the SMC virtual machine unexpectedly shut down, even if the configuration file on the server was empty, SMC would consider it valid. Now, whenever this file is empty, the server would retrieve a backup of it.

Log consultation

New log concerning customized variables

Whenever variable objects were used in a configuration and a customized variable was not defined for a firewall, the configuration would not be deployed and the information would not be clear in the error log. The log now indicates the cause of the deployment failure.