Updating the SMC server from the command line interface

An update archive is required to update the SMC server. Archiving involves the update of the web interface and of the operating system.

During the update process, firewalls continue to run. Firewalls do not need to be updated.

During each update, the unified configuration file will be migrated to the new version of the server. This file will be automatically updated on the older system before the migration process begins.

To update the server:

  1. Download the upload archive on your workstation from your MyStormshield personal area.
  2. Copy the archive in /var/tmp on the SMC server using SSH protocol.
  3. Connect to the SMC server via the console port or SSH connection with the "root" user.
  4. Enter the command fwadmin-update -u /var/tmp/archivename. Replace archivename with the name of your archive.
  5. Wait for the completion of the update. During the process, the server remains available within the current version.
  6. Enter the command reboot. The updated system restarts.

For any specific information regarding updates between two versions, please refer to the SMC release notes.