Version 3.5.2 bug fixes


LDAP directory

Support references 69101 - 69035

On SN150, SN200, SN210, SN300 and SN310 firewalls, after an update from a version lower than 3.5.0, the resolution of user groups in an internal LDAP would no longer function. Any authentication method using groups (e.g., captive portal, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN or SSO agent) would fail. This issue has been fixed.

Certificates and PKI

Support reference 68688

Certificates created through SMC now appear in the Objects > Certificates and PKI view of a firewall's web administration interface and CRL updates are also retrieved.


A case of memory corruption while using the SSL proxy has been fixed.


Support reference 68102

A recurring issue affecting performance and causing traffic to be blocked due to a large number of FQDN objects has been fixed.