Version 3.4.2 bug fixes



Support references 67782 - 67901

IPSec tunnels that rely on certificate-based authentication are now managed differently to prevent such tunnels from being systematically renegotiated whenever a VPN topology is deployed via Stormshield Management Center.

Support reference 67694

Users belonging to groups with names that contain uppercase letters are now taken into account in filter rules relating to traffic encapsulated in IPSec tunnels.


Support reference 60425

Enabling the SPNEGO authentication method on an SN150 firewall no longer causes the authentication manager to freeze.

Automatic backups

Support reference 67730

Automatic backups now function correctly again after an upgrade of the firewall to version 3.4. The issue occurred on U500S, U800S, SNi40, SN510, SN710, SN900, SN910, SN2000, SN3000, SN6000, V50, V100, V200, V500, VU, VS5, and VS10 firewall models.


Support references 67713 - 67924

SMTP proxy

The SMTP proxy service would unexpectedly restart in some cases. This issue has been fixed.