Version 3.4.1 bug fixes



Support reference 66922

On multi-user hosts connected to firewalls that use authentication and the SSL proxy, using recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to display the secure version of a website, then the unsecured version, would cause the error page "Too many redirects" to appear. This issue has been fixed.

High Availability

Support reference 65811

An issue with the replication of the internal directory in a cluster has been fixed.


Support references 67120 - 67135

An anomaly in the management of routes associated with SAs (Security Associations), which could cause the firewall to freeze when it uses the IPSec IKEv2 tunnel manager, has been fixed.

Support references 67185 - 66902

Peers with the same network parameters (remote gateway) but with different names were prohibited in the same IPSec policy. This behavior prevented the application of certain policies deployed via Stormshield Management Center, and has been modified in order to allow this configuration.

Intrusion prevention

COTP protocol

Support reference 66567

An anomaly in the analysis of the COTP protocol would cause the firewall to either freeze (virtual firewall) or restart (physical firewall). This anomaly has been fixed.