Version 3.3.1 bug fixes




Support reference 66135

It is now possible to combine IPsec VPN global policies with some local policies having one identical peer, even if one of the second peers is “Any”. Such configuration no longer returns the duplicated sainfo error.

High Availability

Support reference 65652

The quality of the High Availability link was 0 for a cluster with virtual firewalls, even though the communication between the cluster members was working correctly. This issue has been fixed.

Support reference 66515

An error in the management of file synchronization made it impossible to create an HA cluster on model SN310 firewalls. This issue has been fixed.


Web administration interface

Router objects

Support reference 66385

With version 3.3.0, it was no longer possible to create a router object via the menu Configuration > Objects > Network objects > Add > Router. This issue has been fixed.


Administrator account password

Support reference 66384

When you modify the password of the administrator account, the new password is now correctly processed if it contains spaces.