Version 3.1.1 bug fixes


Support reference 59936

Automatic backups

Whenever the automatic backup function was enabled, the results of the first backup would not be saved. This would then cause the backup to be wrongly relaunched on a regular basis. This anomaly has been fixed.

Support reference 59296


Users logged on via the SSO agent method would be unable to accept sponsorship requests despite being granted the privilege to do so. This issue has been fixed.


In configurations without Web 2.0 scans (Inspect HTML code option unselected in the IPS tab of the HTTP protocol), HTTP POST requests containing data and redirected to an authentication rule could cause the firewall to freeze.

Web administration interface

Support reference 59717 60282

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 or higher

An issue with the slow display of certain pages in the administration interface (e.g., Network objects) has been fixed.