Version 3.0.3 bug fixes



Support reference 58610

Migrating a configuration that uses the "Guest" authentication method together with the customized "e-mail" field would cause an error on the captive portal as this field was not converted properly. This anomaly has been fixed.

Support reference 58816

Attempting to upgrade a configuration with a customized firewall name (Configuration module) and the Use firewall name or certificate CN as FQDN option selected (Captive portalAdvanced properties tab in the Users > Authentication module in version 2) to version 3 of the firmware would make SPNEGO ineffective.

Directory configuration

Support reference 58512

When migrating configurations that reference external LDAP directories to version 3, such directories would adopt the object name of the LDAP server instead of the domain name. This anomaly, which made the SSO Agent method ineffective, has been resolved and the name of the directory is now made up of the root domain (base DN) declared during its creation.

Support reference 58883

Attempts to migrate to version 3 configurations that reference external LDAP directories with a root domain (DN) containing one or several uppercase letters would render such directories invalid. This issue has been fixed.

Support reference 58825

Filtering and NAT

The display would not refresh during switches from a local filter policy to a global filter policy bearing the same index.

Support reference 58475

SSL VPN portal

The latest versions of the Java client application could prevent connections to servers that can be contacted via the SSL VPN portal as they would reject certificate authorities signed with MD5. This issue has been fixed.

Support reference 58746

Access privileges

The selection of a user in the Detailed access tab in the Access privileges module would result in his/her identifier being replaced with his/her first and last names. This issue, which caused authentication to malfunction, has been fixed.

Intrusion prevention

Support reference 58572 58589 58742 58553


An anomaly in the HTTP security inspection would cause the firewall to hang and the proxy to consume an excessive amount of CPU resources. This anomaly has been fixed.

Web administration interface

Directory configuration

Support reference 58871

Backup servers added to the advanced properties of external directories (Microsoft Active Directory, external LDAPs or PosixAccount LDAPs) would no longer appear after a user browses in the other modules of the web administration interface. This anomaly has been fixed.

Support references 58734 - 58704 - 58900

The web administration interface would not apply changes made to the selection filter of user groups in external directories (Structure tab in the directory). This anomaly has been fixed.


Monitoring - Reports - Audit logs

Support reference 58921

User monitoring

When several users were authenticated and connected, refreshing the user monitoring module using the Refresh button would cause the firewall to hang. This issue has been fixed.

Activity Reports

On firewall models that do not have log partitions (diskless models), once the 5 reports allowed were enabled, the corresponding data would not be displayed.