Version 3.0.1 bug fixes

Intrusion prevention

Support reference 56973 57355

IDS / Firewall modes

In a configuration that implements filter rules in IDS or Firewall mode and authentication, invalid ICMP traffic that raises alarms which do not block such traffic (Pass action) would cause the firewall to hang. This issue has been fixed.

Support reference 56740

Memory resources

Whenever there is a large number of connections, an anomaly in the management of memory resources would cause the firewall to hang then restart. This anomaly has been fixed.


Support reference 56964

IPSec tunnels (IKEv2)

Whenever the email address field of a CA used for signing server certificates was filled in, the firewall would refuse to set up IKEv2 IPSec tunnels for which authentication was based on such certificates. This anomaly has been fixed.

Activity Reports

"Host reputation" report

An error in the application of destination host reputations for SSL connections has been fixed.