The Routers module shows the list of routers used in the configuration of the firewall: default gateway and routers configured in filter rules (PBR: Policy Based Routing).


When the Routers menu in the menu directory is selected, the data displayed by default are:


Name of the router and the gateways that it includes.


Indicates the status of each gateway. There are three possible values:

  • Active: when the gateway is in use,
  • On standby: when it is a backup gateway,
  • Not reachable: the gateway is not responding to pings

Last status change

Duration since the gateway’s last change of status.


Indicates whether the gateway is available for use. There are two possible values: Ready or Disabled.

Available since

Time elapsed since the gateway's availability was last changed.


Indicates whether the gateway is in use (main) or is a backup gateway.

IP address

IP address of the gateway.


Indicates the percentage of the gateway used in the router object.


Specifies the type of configuration in which the gateway is used: filter rule or load balancing, etc.