SN Real-Time Monitor

Stormshield Network Real-Time Monitor allows you to visualize your Firewall’s activity in real time and provides the information below:

  • Use of the Firewall’s internal resources (memory, CPU, etc.),
  • List of raised alarms when vulnerabilities are detected,
  • List of connected hosts and users,
  • Real-time alarms,
  • Number of connections, bandwidth use, throughput,
  • List and status of gateways used by the firewall,
  • Information on the status of interfaces and VPN tunnels,
  • Last logs generated,
  • Use of disk space allocated to logs.

With this tool, you can connect to several firewalls and supervise all of them.

Stormshield Network Real-Time Monitor provides a simple display of connections transiting via the firewall, along with any alarms it has generated.

By default, Monitor can only be run on a machine connected to the internal network and must be running permanently in order to avoid missing any alarms.

SN Real-Time Monitor logs on to firewalls using their web administration port (TCP/443 – HTTPS by default). In this way, they can benefit from the authentication methods and policies defined on the monitored firewalls. When this port is modified (Firewall administration tab in the Configuration module), the connection can be established by indicating the firewall’s IP address and the customized administration port, separated by colons (“:”).