Presentation of menus


The File menu concerns connections to the firewall and the application’s general options.

Address book…

Configures the firewalls’ address books.

Direct connection…

Opens a new firewall connection window. Enter the IP address of the firewall and the user's password.

Application settings…

Determines the behavior that Monitor should adopt at startup, enables getting a packet analyzer, defining a destination folder for reports, and the language used in the graphical interface.

Default monitoring settings…

Configures memory, connection timeout and the frequency with which different parameters will be refreshed.


Disconnects monitors and shuts down the application.



The Windows menu enables managing the display windows of the different connected firewalls:


Opens the selected window.


Arranges the various connection windows in cascade.


Gives a global view of the main services offered by Monitor.

Duplicate current window

Duplicates the current window according to the firewall that you had selected earlier.


IP address of connected firewall(s).

Firewall address

The drop-down menu indicates the last windows visited and distinguishes the current window with a check.



The Applications menu enables connecting to other applications in the Stormshield Network Administration Suite. Using the two shortcuts provides the added advantage of not having to reauthenticate on both applications.

Run the configuration application

Allows accessing the selected firewall’s web administration interface.


? (Help)


Opens a page that leads to your secure-access area, to allow you to obtain documentation.


Provides information on the monitor in use (version number, credits).