Installing via your personal area

Download the necessary files from the website and execute the .EXE program corresponding to the administration suite. The installation information will appear in the same language as the version of Windows that has been installed.

Verification procedure

Signature verification procedure

When you download an application from your client or partner area on, the following message will appear: “Open a file or save on your computer? ".

  • If you choose “Open”, your web browser will check the signature automatically and inform you about the results.
  • If you choose “Save” (recommended option), you will need to perform the check manually.

Manual verification

To manually check the application’s signature, follow the procedure below before installing the application:

Description: 1 Right-click on the Stormshield Network appliance whose signature you wish to check then select the Properties menu from the contextual menu that appears.

Description: C:\Users\virginie.ragons\MyCloud\Graphisme\Applications\UserGuide\d2h\medias\ButtonsAndIcons\2.png Select the Digital signatures tab then the name of the signer (NETASQ).

Description: 3 Click on Details: this window will indicate whether the digital signature is valid.


During installation, you will be asked to register your product. This registration is mandatory in order to obtain your product’s license, to download updates and to access technical support.