Typographical conventions


For the sake of clarity, the usual abbreviations have been kept. For example, VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Names of windows, menus, sub-menus, buttons and options in the application will be represented in the following fonts:

Example: Interfaces Menu


Indications in this manual provide important information and are intended to attract your attention to important points. Among these, you will find:


These messages provide a more detailed explanation on a particular point.


These messages warn you about the risks involved in performing a certain manipulation or about how not to use your appliance.


Such messages give you ingenious ideas on using the options on your product.


Describes technical terms relating to Stormshield Network or networking. These terms will also be covered in the glossary.


Messages that appear in the application are indicated in double quotes.

Example: "Delete this entry?"


Example: This allows you to have an example of a procedure explained earlier.

Command lines

Command lines

Indicates a command line (for example, an entry in the DOS command window).

Recaps of general points

Reminders are indicated as follows:

Reminder Reminder description.


Access paths to features are indicated as follows:

arrow Go to the File\Firewall menu.