Welcome to the Stormshield Network Real-Time Monitor v3 administration guide.

Products concerned

U30S, U70S, U150S, U250S, U500S, U800S,
SN150, SN160w, SN200 , SN210w, SN300, SN310,
SN500, SN510, SN700, SN710, SN900, SN910,
SN2000, SN3000, SN6000,
VS5, VS10, V50, V100, V200, V500 and VU.

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WEEE Directive


All Stormshield products that are subject to the WEEE directive will be marked with the mandated "crossed-out wheeled bin" symbol (as shown above) for items shipped on or after August 13, 2005. This symbol means that the product meets the requirements laid down by the WEEE directive with regards to the destruction and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment. For further details, please refer to the website at this address: