SMC 3.3.3 new features and enhancements


Protection from brute force attacks

When an administrator connects to SMC via the web interface, the connection is now temporarily blocked after several unsuccessful authentication attempts.

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Authorities and certificates

Certificate security

For security reasons, users who have access to SMC via the console of their hypervisor or in SSH, can no longer read the certificate used to sign connecting packages and deployment files.

Only the "root" user can do so now.

Signing connecting packages and deployment files

The certificate used to sign connecting packages and configuration deployment files has been updated to use a more recent and more secure algorithm.

Configuration backup


Now, only the super administrator ("admin" user) can back up the configuration of the SMC server.

Securing configuration backups

Backups of the SMC server's configuration can now be encrypted with a password. The password must comply with the password policy set for administrators.

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HSTS header

The SMC server now supports the HSTS security header.