SMC 3.1.3 new features

Managing administrators

Managing connections to external authentication servers

Connections to LDAP, OpenLDAP and Radius authentication servers can now be configured directly in the web interface of the SMC server.

As a result, administrator accounts are more easily and securely managed.

The auth-server.ini file, which previously made it possible to configure these connections in command line, no longer exists. If you have configured connections to external severs via this file in the past, the parameters will automatically be migrated in the SMC database and you will find them in the web interface.

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VPN topologies

Various versions of the IKE protocol supported on the same firewall

From version 3.7 of SNS firewalls onwards, the same firewall can be used in several topologies configured with various versions of IKE.

If a firewall in a version lower than 3.7 is used in several topologies with various versions of IKE, the consistency checker will report an error that will then prevent the deployment.

Different versions of IKE can be supported on the same firewall only if there is a single firewall in common across several topologies. If several topologies configured with various versions of IKE have several firewalls in common, the version of the topology that was created first in the topology configuration screen will be the one deployed.

Update of the SMC certification authority

In SMC previous versions, the certification authority of the component checking the signature of the license file expired on July 4, 2022. In version 3.1.2, the certification authority has been updated in order to extend the validity period. You must update SMC to be able to continue using your current license after July 4, 2022.