SMC 3.4 fixes

Managing administrators

Disabling local authentication

Support reference 84575

The super administrator can once again disable local authentication mode for an administrator, by unselecting the option This administrator can use local authentication in the administrator's settings.

Translation rules

Importing and exporting translation rules

Support reference 84525

In the CSV file to import/export files, SMC now correctly applies the column nat_from_port_load_balancing, corresponding to the option Choose random translated source port in the Translated source tab. Previously, when rules were imported, SMC would ignore the column, and when rules were exported, the column did not appear in the CSV file.

When importing rules, the random value must be indicated in the nat_from_port_load_balancing column in order for SMC to apply it.

VPN topologies

Local changes on the firewall

Support reference 84401

In the SNS firewall monitoring view, the warning icon critical status indicates, among other things, that changes were made locally on the firewall. When a VPN topology deployed from SMC was disabled locally on the firewall, the icon would indicate the local change. However, it would persist when the VPN topology was enabled again later from the firewall. The warning icon now no longer appears when local changes are canceled.

SMC update

Checking the license

Support reference 84464

When SMC is updated, the validity of the server's license is now checked at the beginning of the update process. This makes it possible to immediately show an error message if the license is missing or expired, and shut down the process immediately.

SNS CLI scripts

Adding attachments

Support reference 84372

In the SNS CLI script window, firewalls on which a script was to be run could not be selected when too many attachments were added. You can now add as many attachments as necessary, then select the firewalls.

Routing configuration

Using a router object as the gateway of a static route

Support reference 84883

Routes are now correctly displayed in the Routing tab in read-only mode when a ping to the gateway of a router object directs to a different machine on the gateway (Device(s) for testing availability column in the Gateway tab in the router object).

Showing routes that use server objects

Support reference 84905

Routes configured on an SNS firewall that use server objects are now correctly displayed in SMC in the Routing tab.


Deleting an error in console mode

Support reference 84290

On an SMC server in console mode, the error message "Unknown ioctl 1976" would appear every minute in the server's logs. Although this error had no impact on the operation of SMC, it has been removed.

Removal of log from connections.log

Support reference 84697

The log "Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected", which appeared regularly in the log connections.log, has been deleted. It had no impact on the operation of SMC.

Server diagnostics report

Support reference 85060

Since version 3.3.3, it was no longer possible to generate the diagnostics report of the SMC server from the web interface and from the command line interface. This issue has been fixed.