SMC 3.1.3 fixes

Configuration deployment

Deployment on firewalls with TPMs

Support reference 167766PW

Configurations can now be deployed from SMC to an SNS firewall in version 4.2.4 and above, using a TPM. Previously, the progress of the deployment remained stuck at 57% because the use of a TPM was not compatible with the feature that backs up the configuration on the SNS firewall when connection issues occur with SMC. This feature was introduced in version 4.2.4 of SNS.

As this backup feature is enabled by default, you can disable it if you use a TPM, using the environment variable FWADMIN_FW_DEPLOYMENT_DISABLE_ROLLBACK. To find out more about this feature, refer to Keeping the connection alive during deployment .

Configuration of SNS firewalls

Detection of changes in the local configuration on firewalls with TPMs

Support reference 168275PW

The feature enabling the SMC server to detect changes performed in the local configuration on an SNS firewall using a TPM is now working correctly.